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Windows XP SP2 Firewall Configuration

Windows XP Service Pack 2 comes with added security features. We have developed a batch file which, when run, will open up all necessary ports needed for GeoVision Network Options, e.g. Webcam Server. For more information please see this post on our Technical Support Forum.

GV250 XP SP2 Firewall Batch File


GV600 XP SP2 Firewall Batch File


GV650 XP SP2 Firewall Batch File


GV800 XP SP2 Firewall Batch File


GV900 XP SP2 Firewall Batch File


GV1000 XP SP2 Firewall Batch File


GV1120 XP SP2 Firewall Batch File


GV1240 XP SP2 Firewall Batch File


GV1480 XP SP2 Firewall Batch File


Find out your IP Address

Use this following link to find out your external IP Address. A great way to help set up your Geovision Webcam Server.

Security Check

Find out how secure your Geovsion System is from hackers by running this online security checker from Sygate.

Guide to CCTV:

Check out our cctv help guide page

Router Setup Help Guides

Please see the following link for useful ADSL Router Setup Guides

Port Scanning Tool

Help diagnose Networking issues and check your GeoVision Remote View Ports are working with this Port Scan Tool.